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";s:4:"text";s:6462:"... Skylake architecture in early August gave some odd results regarding the performance Loading ... NEW! Does anyone have any suggestions on either Server Admin or file tweaks I can make to improve the performance of the Sometimes, some tweaks help in improving the security of the YouTube Essentials is a newly released Cydia tweak, which brings some essential features to the official Youtube app. No more sluggish performance or battery drain! In addition, we made out a comprehensive list of the Best Free Cydia Tweaks for Notification Center iOS 7, iOS 7.1, iOS 7.1.1 , iOS 7.1.2 with descriptions of each tweak in detail. Here are top jailbreak iOS 7 tweaks to help you speed up your older iDevice powered by iOS 7. With the release of new evasi0n7 untethered jailbreak, the jailbreak community has renewed its hopes of resurrecting a fast and responsive iOS, given the abundance of jailbreak tweaks accessible via Cydia store. Every day there are released tons of different Cydia Tweaks. ... this guide should improve any Windows computer's performance. Cydia Tweaks to Maximize Performance Follow me of Twitter: https://twitter.com/ADVideoeditor 1. iCleaner Pro 2. If your iOS device is feeling sluggish, there are a few things you can do to help improve performance a bit. Top 5 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9 to Improve the Performance of your ... Continue reading Top 5 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9 to Improve the Performance of your iPhone. The iPhone is one of the best smartphones on the market at the level of performance and user experience. These were the 10 best Cydia tweaks of 2016 that you can easily install on your iOS device to customize it or improve its speed and performance. 4 hidden Windows tweaks to speed up your computer Don't settle for slowdowns. iOS 10 |10.1.1 |10.2 Cydia Jailbreak Alternatives Worth Using 100% Awesome. If after jailbreaking your iOS 9, you notice that your iPhone runs slower than before, then you should use some tools that Cydia comes with in order to imp Let's discuss some of these changes in this 4. We prefer Signulous but its a paid service but well Apple iOS 7 has for long been criticised for its flat-icon design and sluggish performance in contrast to its predecessor, the iOS 6. This will improve image quality greatly, though it will have an impact Choose a site from the post above for getting XCleaner. How to improve PC graphics and performance in Borderlands 2 by editing the ini files. These are not the only best jailbreak apps available as there are many more still available. Open Safari browser and enter the URL to begin. 1. So a friend of mine asked what he could install to increase performance on his iPod touch 4G. Battsaver iOS 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak: Top 10 Cydia Tweaks For Newly Jailbroken iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch [VIDEOS] Jailbreak tweaks are known to improve the performance and features of jailbroken iOS devices. Download and install these jailbreak apps and tweaks on your iOS device to improve its performance. Skylake tweaks improve discrete graphics performance. Tweaks to improve Remote Desktop Services (RDP) performance for a Windows 7 computer hosting PowerSDR or SmartSDR Follow the steps below to greatly improve Performance: As advertised, BlurriedNCBackground works just fine on my iPad 3. Find out which Watch Dogs Tweaks you should introduce to your GamerProfile to improve graphics and performance of the game on your PC. How To Improve performance on iOS 10 install xCleaner. However, what came as a surprise was that the tweak contained a trojan which would remain behind on your device even if you removed the tweak. Page 1 of 10 - .ini Tweaks - Improving Performance, Gameplay and Visuals - posted in Articles: *Duplicate posting of this article deleted. The iPhone is one of the best smartphones on the market at the level of performance and user experience. 5 Tweaks to Improve iOS Performance - 9 & 9.0.2 PanGu Jailbreak techtoolbox. The tweak named Lock Saver Free was available on the ModMyi repo and was supposed to work by turning off the power-hogging features when the iOS device was locked. The tweak not only brings keyboards old look back but it also gives users choice to choose from a number of available options including legacy dark, legacy light, modern dark and modern light styles. If we missed out on the best ones, then do let us know by using the comments section below. NCMemo, from Adolfoi, improves on NoteDash by not only allowing you to view notes from the NC, but also write them directly from there, as well as change the background and text color to your liking. Windows 10 - Tips and Tweaks Radeon Adrenalin Edition 18.2.1 WHQL Download & Discussion 18.2.1 update made vga appear destroyed Denuvo 4.8 But, with so much tweaks, only a few of them make it to the hall of fame, where only the best and the most successful ones are used by millions of iPhone/iPad users around the world. You must open the URL in Safari or it will not work. Among them, there is a new free cydia tweak that came very recently called Notific8 that makes your Notification Center look exactly like the one in iOS 8. The tweak looks great on the iPad instead of blurring the whole screen on the iPhone, the iPad version just blurs the portion the notifications pane covers, which makes it look even more like a glass overlay. Learn how to apply this update on iPhone now. HiddenSettings7 is available to download for free from the BigBoss repo in Cydia. Despite its functionality, the tweak has no settings to alter and no icon either. NoSlowAnimations As another speed-up performance tweak, this jailbreak tweak was recently released, and it is optimized to work on iOS 7. By utilizing this hacked iPhone 5 Sprint carrier update you can dramatically improve your network performance. 6 ways to speed up iOS 10 on older iPhones. iOS 9 Best Cydia Tweaks for Performance ... there are many cool Cydia tweaks ... Tatoon is a tweak that removes the blurs and it improves the devices performance. Italian iDevice blog, iPhoneItalia, pointed to a new Cydia tweak this morning. This setting should be set to 1 instead of the default 0 if you want to gain multi-sampling for alpha textures. To improve the performance of Windows 10 system you can apply few software and hardware tweaks for instant results. Check out the best Cydia tweaks and hacks of 2016. Every one of them comes with a special ability, to help iDevice users to improve their performance. ";s:7:"keyword";s:35:"cydia tweaks to improve performance";s:7:"expired";i:-1;}